Blue Jay Fused Stained Glass Suncatcher

Blue Jay Stained Glass Suncatcher Blue Jay
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lue Jays are among the handsomest of birds with their backs and prominent crest in blue; belly and face white; a black necklace; wings and a long rounded tail a bright blue with bands of black and edged in white. They often bury seeds and acorns, and since many are never retrieved they are, in effect, tree planters. These noisy and bold birds are seen all year throughout most of the North America, although they are migratory and travel in large loose flocks in spring and fall.

The eye of this fused glass piece is created using vivid dichroic glass so it glitters even at night. Each northern cardinal is hand-crafted individually and may differ slightly from the photograph shown. This distinctive hand made fused glass art piece makes a wonderful gift for the Chrismas holiday season, or for bird watching enthusiasts.

Range: Resident east of Rockies, from southern Canada through the United States to the Gulf of Mexico. Slowly encroaching westward.

Points of Interest: The Toronto Major League Baseball (MLB) team is named the "Blue Jays". The Blue Jay is the provincial bird for: Prince Edward Island. The Blue Jay is not on the endangered species lists of either the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, the World Wild Life Federation,
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