blue morpho butterfly wings picture The Last Supper

This is a fantastic antique Blue Morpho butterfly wing picture of Jesus and His Apostles at The Last Supper. Made in England circa 1920. One of the nicest specimens of Blue Morpho butterfly wing art that you will ever see. Blue Morpho butterfly wings were used between 1920 - 1950 mostly in small sized jewelry pieces and some pieces of artwork. It is rare to see butterfly wing art in this large of a piece and such great condition. This is so beautiful, it shines like brilliant fire opals only in irridescent BLUE. The entire background of Jesus and His Apostles is all done in butterfly wings. The yellows, oranges, browns and blacks that you see are also all butterfly wings. ...... Most of the entire bottom of the piece is also done in butterfly wings (black/white) with a WHOLE Blue Morpho centered on the bottom. (The whole butterfly on the bottom is the backside of the Blue is a plain brown color and looks like it has eyes on its wings so that it can scare off any birds that want to eat it) You can see this in the close-up picture of the whole backside. Jesus and the Apostles are not painted, but done in a beautiful professional cut-out. This is all framed and under glass. (T was some white glass glare in photos that I could not avoid.) The oval frame is all wood; ornately decorated and painted/stained. The back is done ... read more