Blue Signed Rick Beck American Studio Artist Art Glass Yellow Red Paperweight

I call this paperweight "Mayan" since it looks like primitive rock art!� Rick Beck is an Art Glass artist working from his North Carolina studio.� � His work can be found in galleries, museums, and private collections world-wide.� This large Art Glass paperweight has an encased blue core that is decorated with "painted" designs.� � The designs have texture and appear as if painted on the core, possibly with glass enamel.� The paperweight has an unusual shape tapering outward from the bottom to the widest point, then inward to a somewhat pointed top of the dome.� � The weight is 2" wide at the base, tapers out to 3-9/16" wide at the girdle, and 2-15/16" high.� � .It is signed "Beck" on the bottom of the weight.� � � � � Condition is perfect.