Blue wheels for Skitter, Plasma Wiggle car Plasmacar

This auction is for a set of 4 blue color brand new high quality polyurethane wheels specially made for Skitter®. They also work on PlasmaCar, Wiggle car ( but won't fit Wiggle Toddler car ) and other similar ride-on toys. These wheels are made in Taiwan . Thousands sets of these wheels have been installed on Skitter®s sold in the USA . If you have any doubt, compare the dimensions of your wheels with the following dimension: The dimension of these wheels are: Diameter : about or a little smaller 88 mm, 3.5 inches Thickness: about or a litter smaller 24.5 mm, 0.96 inch

The original wheels on the Skitter®, PlasmaCar, Wiggle car are made of hard plastics. When playing, they make noise and may scratch your floor especially when sands are embedded in them. The polyurethane wheels won’t scratch your floor and more durable. They provide quieter and more comfortable ride. They are superior for out door rides on concrete, cement, and asphalt.

Each set of wheels come with the washers, O-rings, and nuts for the front wheels. Please check if you need new wheel caps and the steel axle for the rear wheels. If you have lost the axle or it has become rusty and cannot be removed/used, you need to purchase new replacement. Shipping is free if purchased and shipped with the wheels. Rear wheel caps: $1 each or $3 for 4. Rear wheel
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