Bluenose Fishing Schooner Antique Wood Sculpture C 1930

You are bidding on a Miniature Wood Sculpted Miniature boat of on of the most famous Canadian Sailboat: The Bluenose. The Fisching Schooner was launched in Nova Scotia, Canada on March 26th 1921. The legendary boat won many races and retired on january 28 th 1946. The replica you are bidding on today has been executed and signed in the 1930's by a Master Canadian Sculptor: Eugene Leclerc. Borned in 1885 in St-Jean Port Joli, Quebec, Canada. Eugene Leclerc was navigator and Lighthouse Guardian. He began to sculpted boats as hobby almost 100 years ago, in 1911. In 1926, he had an accident and must stayed home and decided his hobby would became his work. He died in 1968 . Hi sons and grand sons still create miniature boats today. From 1921 to 1938, the Bluenose was one of his favorite. This one you are bidding on today has been executed in the mid-30's. T is a lot of details on his work and time gave the Pine Varnished Wood Boat a beautiful patina. The boat is 31 inches long by 26 inches tall and 5,5 inches width. T is a Pine Wood Stand the boat rest on it. The boat is not mint condition. T is wear but nothing had been broken and all still original condition. For example, the cable (cord) are worn-out because over 70 years old and need to be change. But as you can see, I put a lot of pictures to help you to have better idea how beautiful ... read more