Blueprints & Specs: 1945 CBS Projecting-Color Wheel TV


This lot includes a series of large electrical blueprints , which were used to wire the chassis of the CBS-made 1945 GE Model 950, full-color projection TV prototype, which used a color wheel system in front of a Schmidt projecting CRT, to show the color TV image on a ground glass screen.
I sold the actual TV about 15 years ago, but I do have a copy of the blueprints. Included are the 24" by 36" blue-print schematics of: the IF, power supply and rectifier circuitry of the Model 950, plus a 36" by 48" larger overall schematic of the sweep sections of both the 950 Projection TV and the 850 Direct-View TV. And, t is a 13 page photocopy of the: Descriptive Specifications and Operating Instructions Color Television Receiver Model 950, dated November 18, 1946, which includes the Color Disc layout.
For the early Color TV enthusiast with the hope of some day finding and restoring one of these fabulous pieces of art and milestones in Color viewing!

Shipped, rolled in a mailing tube, or this can be picked up in North-East NJ. (The actual TV and the female model are only shown for Reference, and are NOT included!)

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