BMW 500 Rennsport & Georg Meier - 1939 - Isle of Man TT

A superb and rare image, made from what we believe is the original negative, of German Georg (Schorsch) Meier on a 500cc BMW Kompressor Supercharged factory racer. The shot was taken during the famous Isle of Man 500cc Senior T.T. race of 1939.

Meier is seen fully airborn with his famous 500cc B.M.W. RS Kompressor racer, a terrific, powerful and mighty machine which was immensely successful in racing. It is without doubt the most famous BMW racing model ever and an everlasting monument of their technological capabilities! In the capable hands of the same Meier it won the race with an average speed of no less then 89.38 mph ( 143.84 km/h )! He also broke the fastest lap record with an average speed of a massive 90.75 mph ( 146.05 km/h )! This is an amazingly fast speed on the Isle of Man T.T. Mountain circuit!

Meier's victory was an astonishing victory on the extremely heavy and ever so demanding circuit. His teammate Jock West finished 2nd on a similar blown BMW Rennsport racer!

The 500cc boxer twin featured a Roots-type supercharger, which was mounted in front of the crankcase. The carburetor was on the right with the inlet pipes passing under the cylinders. The overhead camshafts were shaft driven.

It is a terrific photo. It is very rare to find an image of such a rare bike during this epic race.
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