BNIP Men at War, Soldat BPC ( Indochina), France, 1952.

BNIP Men at War, Soldat BPC ( Indochina), France, 1952.

The Del Prado Men At War Collection in 1:30-32 Scale.

Collect the Soldiers and Leaders from the wars of the 20th Century
This collection brings you unique hand-painted 7cm (2 3/4") die cast figures of soldiers from the most characteristic regiments of the wars of the 20th century. A series exclusively designed for Del Prado Publishers, with meticulous, accurately detailed and thoroughly documented reproductions, for the true collector.
The Soldiers, the Uniforms, the Equipment, the Weapons
Special emphasis is placed on the diversity, colourfulness and detail of the uniforms, an essential element of all organized armed forces. Each soldier wears uniform, insignias and is equipped according to the force he belongs to (whether infantry, armoured corps, navy, air force, etc.) as well as his mission (commando, paratrooper, etc.), field of action and his territorial base (Europe, Africa, Asia).

This is a smart New in Blister Pack , Metal, Hand Painted Figure of a Soldat BPC ( Indochina), France, 1952, in the Men at War Collection by Del Prado.

The Figure comes new and Mint , sealed inside a Blister Pack and complete with a Del Prado Certificate of Authenticity inside the pack.

The Blister/Thin Card may have some squosh-shop wear to

The figure is meticuously detailed , even showing the face well painted including eye colour, facial hair and lip colour etc.

Same with his uniform, with great attention given to the wide range of colour and design as used by Army's in that Era, and item comes on a metal stand with the Del Prado name and figure details marked on it underneath.

This item will be sent inside a tougher card sleeve or box to help protect it.

Typically these single figure units go for anything from £7.95 and upwards on some sites, each, so grab a bargain at a much lower start price.

Please note , some items value is such that i prefer to send it to some Countrys only on a Tracked Mail basis.

This specifically includes Italy at the moment, where a much higher than acceptable amount of packages appear to go amiss ?? !!!. but i reserve the right to include others depending on cost of item and which Country.

The Price quoted for Europe is non tracked, so buyers from Italy please let me invoice you.

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This is a very simple and straight forward guide to the Del Prado Men at War Series. The numbers below are based around the first UK release. This listing will be of use to collectors wishing to identify missing numbers in their collections, particularly those that stopped at #75 when Del Prado decided to extend the partwork by a further 25 issues to 100 figures.

It may also be of interest to those new to the Series who want to collect but perhaps not the whole 100. In this case you have several options. You could collect by Nationality: British, German, American, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian etc..You could collect by troop type: Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Paratroopers etc...You could collect by period: WWII, WWI, Post 1945 etc...Or you could collect by geographic theatre of operations: Eastern Front, Western Front, North Africa etc...

My interest in Del Prado figures is both personal and professional. I collect the figures as a hobby and I also sell them in my eBay Toy Soldier Shop:

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The Del Prado Men at War Collection

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