as some of you know by now we are known for short line cabooses. more than any other painter in the country. so as we keep our offerings coming along we hope you can find one you like.

For as long as we have been doing work sets, there is always someone wanting a specific car in a set, mostly the crane setup. unfortuntly the cost of the piece made it impossible to paint one and sell it at a reasonable price. THESE ARE NOT PROTOTYPE AND IF THEY ARE, IT IS BY CHANCE.

one of my warehouses recently cut the prices on these units so i can now offer some. supplies will be real limited to a one time road run now. we will do as many roads as we can but one crane per road. they have a retail of $27.98. we will be putting all out at $36.00 plus the shipping. shipping will be priority mail as the cars fit their boxes well and afford the most protection.

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