BNSF Railroad Collectors Plate "Jackson Lake, Wyoming

BNSF Railway Collectors Plate

"Jackson Lake, Wyoming"

Plate Number 30733 of 49,000

23 Karat Gold

This plate is part of my father's collection of Burlington Northern Railroad and BNSF Railway collectors plates. He received most of them for injury-free years on the job, but some were given for other reasons.

ALL PLATES HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUR OF THE ORIGINAL PACKING ONLY TWICE . Once when he ceceived them and once when I photographed them for this auction.

All plates come in original packaging with the certificate of authenticity and the original display stand if one was provided.

All plates are edged with 23 karat gold.

The back of the plate reads as follows:

The Burling Northern Santa Fe Railway Company

Burlington Northern Santa Fe salutes its people and their superior commitment to safety. As a tribute, this limited edition plate, featuring a prominent painting from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe art collection, was manufactured for distribution to all employees who worked injury-free in 1996.

Plate number 30733 of 49,000

"Jackson Lake"

by John Fery (1859-1934)

The certificate of authenticity reads as follows:


"Jackson Lake, Wyoming "

(Oil on canvas, 47"
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