BNWT - Special MTP Hawk Protective Over Crotch Garment

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Protective Over Garment (POG)
Physicians have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of serious injuries to dismounted War Fighters when they are caught in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) incident when wearing the POG system.
The POG was first issued in early 2011 and has proved very popular with War Fighters deployed in Afghanistan.
There is a balance between comfort, mobility and protection especially when you place armour between your legs. A soldier must be able to respond to a threat while being unimpeded. At Hawk we believe we have the right formula to meet those needs.
The POG is worn over the trousers and secured at the back of a standard issue belt; it is simply deployed by bringing through the legs and securing to the front of the belt with hook and loop webbing straps or to the body armour.
The system is available in each Nations Disruptive Pattern Material and can have the armour solution tailored to meet your individual requirements.

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