Bo by Bo Schembechler, Signed First Edition Michigan

Bo signed this book in 1989 after continuing throughout his career a winning record against Ohio State. We lament his death the day before Michigan #2 taking on Ohio State #1 and wonder what it means for tomorrows game.

This book is far more than an autobiography. It captures Bo's thinking as athletic director at Michigan after just retiring from the head coach role. This was the year that he said 'A Michigan Man will coach Michigan - not an Arizona State Man' telling Bill Frieder that he wouldn't be coaching Michigan basketball in the NCAA championship. Michigan's young team rallied around the young assistant coach who took over and went on to win the national championship in basketball that year without Bill Frieder's help. Yet again, Bo came through for the school and team he loved. A true Michigan man!

In his autobiography, Bo admits candidly (page 173) that he really would like to have won a national championship after years of saying that only the big ten championship / rose bowl meant anything to him. A bit of honesty at the end of his tenure as football coach surprised many who found him to be irrascible and stubborn. More about this in his book!

We Michigan fans will miss Bo - we only hope that he'll once more see Michigan to victory against Ohio State on November 18, 2006! Go Blue!

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