Bob Dylan 1969 Isle of Wight Festival Original Tickets

The original collectible tickets, front and back.

An original set of Saturday and Sunday tickets to the Isle of Wight music festival, headlined on Sunday by BOB DYLAN and The Band.

Bob Dylan and The Band took their act to the UK in the summer of 1969, turning their backs on the Woodstock festival (which had been held two weeks before and was Dylans hometown) and American music festivals to Headline at the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight Music Festival takes place just of the British mainland, it was held in late August for three years 1968-70 at the height of the 60's music scene, and then revived again in 2002.
The 1969 event was held August 30-31, with an attendance estimated at 150,000 including many rock and pop culture icons (including the Beatles). Dylan and The Band played on the final day of the festival and were onstage for only an hour, giving a performance that other musicians found exciting and inspiring, but some of the 'regular' audience was left disappointed by. Recovering from a motorcycle accident that had effected his singing, and playing songs from a new and innovative album Nashville Skylines(April 1969 release) and the earlier John Wesley Harding (1967 release) Dylan and The Band were the Big Name draw for the event; a mighty responsibility no matter what you play. In subsequent years,
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