Bob Hope Marilyn Maxwell the Lemon Drop Kid 3 Lobby cds

This is a LOT of 3 original 11" by 14" lobby card movie posters for the 1951 classic Paramount comedy the Lemon Drop Kid! The Lemon Drop Kid, in the style of Guys and Dolls, a film called the Lemon Drop Kid and no wonder, it's based on a Damon Runyon tale! In this one,Bob like in Sorrowful Jones, Bob plays a small*time bookie, who comes up with EUREKA, a great way to raise money owed to a gangster. And this is the part of the film that makes it a perfect film for the Christmas holiday season, as the plan is to send out a series of Santa Clauses! This film could have easily been called the Santa Clause caper! And another treat for Christmas movie fans, this one introduced the Christmas standard Silver Bells! Marilyn Maxwell, Lloyd Nolan, June Darwell, costarsl. And one of those Santa Clauses, a who's who of character actors, the guy on left of center is none other than Fred Mertz from I Love Lucy during the beginning of LUCYMANIA, William Frawley (and interestingly enough Hope worked with Lucille Ball in 4 films, including Sorrowful Jones also based on a Damon Runyon tale) . This auction includes 3 lobby cards as follows! #5 is below

is #2 and #7

3 GREAT lobby cards! Lobbys in generally fine PLUS to near mint condition for a vintage lobby, a few border smudges/nits, images are TERRIFIC, overall a great vintage lobby

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