Bob Mathias Signed 1949 Life Mag & Much MORE 14 Items!!

1949 Life Magazine, last one I have signed by Bob, but cover is detached, both front and back, though magazine is complete, plus 13 other great items, ALL AUTOGRAPHED by Bob! The other great items are 1952 Time Magazine replica, 3x5 inches, First day Issue Wilma Rudolph Stamp holder, pic of 'Bob jumping the Hurdles', 6x7 inches, 'Bob greeting the Kids', 4x9 inches, Pass for Day Six, Eleven and Twelve, for 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Robert Mathis Medallion, Day Six from the 2004 Olympic team trials in Sacramento, a signed VIP Reception dinner pass from 2004, from the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona, Spain, a signed ticket, a special 1998 Olympic Winter Games sticker sheet, and finally, a very rare signed Gold Pass card for the IOC Centennial Club! ALL items autographed by Bob Mathias (except the medal)! Special note: Anyone who is a fan of Bob's is aware that I've sold items relating to Bob Mathias for years, as he originally asked me to do. I'm going to continue, as Gwen gave me many more to sell, many autographed by Bob. I'll no longer be able to have the 'note from Bob', as I've had in the past, but Bob will be t with each item. Bob and I always split any profit 50/50, and I'll continue this arrangement with his lovely wife, Gwen. 14 very Rare items, all signed by Bob Mathias! Bob won the 1948 Gold and went on to win the decathlon ... read more