BOB WILLS - The Tiffany Transcriptions 10 CD Box Set

Artist: Bob Wills
Title: The Tiffany Transcriptions
Label: CCM US
Catalog Number: 9912
Color: n/a
Pressing: Original 10-CD slipcase box set with booklet
Condition: Brand new, factory sealed
Description :
The story behind the Tiffany Transcriptions is this: in 1945, Bob Wills, Oakland, California disc jockey Cactus Jack and businessman-songwriter Clifford Sundin founded Tiffany Music, Inc. to create a series of transcriptions, pre-packaged radio shows featuring Wills and his Texas Playboys. A steady series of programs, of course, required that Wills and the band record scores of tunes, and not just their hits and their bandstand repertoire. And the extra space afforded by the 16-inch transcription discs as opposed to 78s meant that the band had infinitely more jamming space, and this was a band (most notably vocalist Tommy Duncan, steel guitarists Noel Boggs, Roy Honeycutt and Herb Remington, guitarists Eldon Shamblin and Lester "Junior" Bernard, fiddler/mandolinist Tiny Moore, fiddlers Joe Holley and Louis Tierney, pianist Millard Kelso, banjoist Ocie Stockard, bassist Luke Wills and drummer Johnny Cuviello) that, more than arguably any other outfit in the history of country music, KNEW how to jam! The result was, as Wills expert Rich Kienzle puts it in his liner notes, "For all the great records
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