Boba Fett, ROTJ, Armor + Flak Vest, Spats & Cape, Prop

************** it is...!!!!************* *************JUST in time for HALLOWEEN************

Up for bid is an AWESOME complete set of Boba Fett Armor and more as seen in these photos.. I am in the process of parting out my ROTJ Boba Fett Costume in time for Halloween and this is your opportunity to get a complete set of Boba Fett ROTJ Costume Armor in time for Halloween, from my own personal costume collection. The armor was purchased by me a few years ago from RichiesArmor, the Flak Vest & Spats are Fan Made by me and weatd to look authentic, the cape was also purchased by me a few years ago from one of those build your own Boba Fett costume web sites, this complete set is one of those rare finds you'll find anyw on the internet including eBay, this type of setup would normally sell for a few hundred $$$ if you were to buy them individually, just the Vest & Spats alone would set you back over $125 $$, this set of Boba Fett Armor is as close to ROTJ movie accurate as possible while mainting the authenticity, functionality & comfort while you're out trooping. This listing includes everything seen in these photos, which includes: the chest armor, the cod peace, the shoulder armor, as well as the back plate, also included is the Flak Vest, Spats and ROTJ Cape , the armor is made of a plastic resin that is very durable
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