This GREAT character doll was put out by R. Dakin in the early 1970's! If you collect nice, vintage character dolls, Dakin dolls and/or Big Boy memorabilia, then, YOU NEED THIS! Some of the most sought after character dolls from the late 1960's to the mid 1970's were made by R. Dakin Company. A lot of these dolls are getting very hard to come by now days! Especially the Dakin character dolls! This is a decent representation of the Bob's Big Boy doll. The restaurant is also known as Frisch's Big Boy and Shoneys. The Big Boy Dakin doll is by far one of the hardest Dakin dolls to come by. You hardly ever see them anymore in any condition. He is missing his hamburger which most usually are, but he still looks great on display! This doll books at well over $200 in mint condition in most price guides. We have a VERY reasonable starting price for him! Don't miss out on your chance to add it to your Character Doll Shrine! It is a definite "Must Have" for any serious character doll/Dakin doll/Big Boy collection!!!


Big Boy is in decent C7 very fine condition! The pictures below pretty much tell it all! It doesn't get much rarer than this folks! He is totally AWESOME for display!!!

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