Bock Audio 407 ( U47) Tube Microphone

If you're not familiar, the Bock 407 is the absolute best U47 style microphone made today. There are a handful of companies that make the U47 today. Bock is the best option by far. I've compared the Bock to the Wonder, Flea, Telefunken etc. The Bock Audio 407 is the best. It breaks my heart to let this one go but life has taken a turn and I just don't use it like it needs to be used anymore. I can't stress enough that if you're going to put a U47 in your mic locker, the Bock is the one to go with. She's in great condition. Smoke free environment all of her life. .

The Bock Audio 407 is a high quality cardioid directivity studio condenser microphone utilizing vacuum tube electronics. Utilizing the U47 format, originally built in the 1950's,this mic takes that platform and expands the electronics bandwidth. It utilizes it's own proprietary cable and power supply. The microphone's audio output is standard male XLR3, with positive excitation of the diaphragm at the front of the mic resulting in a positive voltage at the output XLR's pin 2. Audio output is fully transformer balanced.

The Bock Audio 407 uses classic pentode run as single triode circuitry with no additional negative feedback and high quality through hole components. Through hole components are more mechanically robust than surface mount and allow for worldwide ease
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