Body on Gurney MEDICAL Stretcher AMBULANCE Hospital TOY

!!! REDUCED!!!


A highly-detailed, plastic toy gurney in miniature... just like those carried on ambulances and hearses... complete with a little, wrapped rubber corpse. Measuring about 6" long, this is small enough to rest on one's desk... as a paperweight, perhaps.... The wheels on the stretcher are molded frozen, so this is not a rolling model, but rather a grim display piece... The perfect little gift for that medically employed friend or family member... that whacky mortician for whom you can just never find the right thing...

In addition to the remarkable detail featured on this piece, the scissor-style support frame actually collapses and extends... raising and lowering just like the real thing, and the side rails are collapsable, as well... extremely authentic-looking.

The little corpse is just gross-looking... molded in two-tone rubber to represent blood pooling on the underside of the body... (colors are generally ashen gray-white on the face and front...and dark purple behind... {exposed corpse shown is example only, but yours will look pretty much like this}). The cloth covering the dearly departed is a simple swath of spandex-like fabric, held in place around the body (for shipping) by small wire ties or plastic zip ties.
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