How your body works Billie Bones skeleton parts and magazine

For auction is this collection of "How Your Body Works" magazines. When completed it makes into a complete Child's body and skeleton, lifesize if you obtain the complete set. This is only about one quarter to one third of all the parts you would need. I have made up a skeleton from parts bought on ebay and these are duplicates and not needed. (The skeleton exactly matched in size an 8 year old girl, who incidentally thought it was wonderful!)
NOTE: This is only part of a complete set, and you will need lots of other parts to build the whole body, but they are available on ebay.
The following magazines are new and unused with unopened original wrapping (although in one case the cellophane is rather fragile and split):
Number 1 The skull and teeth
6 Windpipe and arteries
7 Lung
8 Heart
9 Front ribcage and metal poles for the Stand
12 Pelvis half and weight for stand (cellophane split)
15 Pancreas and weight for stand
16 Shoulder blade and collar bone
Magazines WITHOUT body parts:
Numbers, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 17. Also Assembly instructions for skeleton, and Child growth height chart with full size skeleton picture.
In addition there is a pair of lungs and windpipe extra.
These were collected on ebay whilst making up a complete skeleton, and are duplicates and not needed.
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