Bodymedia GoWear Fit Armband and Display and Extra Band

This would be a great tool to get your New Year goals off to a great start!

Everything is in great condition and works properly.
All manuals are included, as is the original packaging.
Includes USB cable and also the "hip" clip attachment along with the watch band.

There is also an extra chrome colored armband included.

BodyMedia GoWear Fit Display
Your body talks. BodyMedia FIT listens. The BodyMedia FIT system gives you highly accurate information on activity, calories and sleep patterns information that can be critical to helping you lose weight. The BodyMedia FIT Display is designed for use with the BodyMedia FIT Armband as part of a complete weight management system.
The BodyMedia FIT Display is an optional tool to help you manage your lifestyle, minute-to-minute, day-to-day!
With a convenient, versatile design that allows it to be worn as a watch, clipped to a shirt, bag or belt loop, the Display can help you stay in sync with your daily goals! Includes modes that allow you to view the time, Armband data from today and yesterday, and a trip-o-meter.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Display will only work when synced with a BodyMedia FIT Armband. It is not a substitute for the Armband. No data will be displayed if you are not wearing an Armband.

GoWear Fit Multi-Sensor

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