Boeing 787 Premier Coin, 2 Pins, etc. - RARE!

Boeing 787 Premier Memorabilia

Commemorating the rollout of Boeing first composite airplane on July 8, 2007. These gifts were packaged for one group, not available to Boeing's entire staff, which makes them very limited in quantity. All items still in their original packaging.

Coin, silver : Abolutely beautiful. Text reads "787 Dreamliner Premier" on one side, "Everett, Washington 07.08.07" on the reverse. Comes with hard protective casing. This was the first time Boeing did not mint a coin for mass distribution. T were for the Fabrication Division only, and will be quite rare.

Pin : 787 Dreamliner Premier 07.08.07, with head-on view of the new plane. Stunning graphics. Again, this was issued only to Fabrication Division employees and their families.

Pin : 787 Dreamliner. This was issued only to staff who worked the 787 program. Exceedingly rare.

Magnet : Nice hard plastic with a side view of the new plane.

Sticker : The newest addition to Boeing's gift line. Makes a great keepsake.