Boeing Poster Zero Defects 60's Promo Work Propaganda

1966-1968 Boeing "ZERO DEFECTS" posters.

Up for auction I have several lots of short lived Quality Production Producing Program posters. The idea was that if you made it right the first time, t would be no wasted time reworking a part or worse, having to scrap a part out. Since t was no real training or schooling as to what "zero defects" is, or how to achieve "zero defects", the program went now These posters came from Renard Manufacturing Company, a machine shop in Seattle, who were Boeing certified. My father sub leased the lathe section at the time. Sadly Renard Manufacturing Company went under due to scrapping out a number of large jobs for the Navy, in the late 60's.

These are amazing rare work propaganda posters from the 60's. These posters measure about 15" x 20" and have been in storage since the late 60's. They all have wonderful, extremely bright colors. And are in terrific used condition. They come on extremely thick cardboard. LOT 1 has 4 different posters.

1) "Why didn't we think of ZERO DEFECTS's been right under our noses all the time."

A beautiful black and white image that is really cool and striking. The left hand corner has Claudia Demvey's (?) signature. All of the edges are near perfect. In a couple of corners they are slightly lifting up. The back bottom has a small water


This poster basically pushes the "zero defects" propaganda with bold words. The poster is green and black with a white border. All the colors are clean and crisp. T is a thin white border going all around. T is one black dot underneath forgive. One slight mark above human that is just barely visible. Some slight dots under "err is divine". Which look like very minimal water marks. They are barely visible though. Two small brown lines in the top left corner, that also looks like water residue. All of the edges are in great used condition. With a few places that bend just slightly. Overall still beautiful condition. Back is marked Crescent Illustration Board cold press surface no. 300 medium weight a product of CRESCENT CARDBOARD COMPANY. NO rips or tears.

3) "TO WIN... accuracy is a MUST HELP YOUR TEAM IN '68 ZERO DEFECTS"

Work like an athlete! Beautiful blue and green in 60's shades on one side and the other half is all black and white. T is a line on the bottom portion of the poster that simply looks like a poster defect. T is some very slight water damage on the left hand side of the poster. A brown spot on the right hand bottom corner. A tiny black spot next to it. Edges are in great used condition. No major damage to them. The colors are very bright. No rips or tears. The back is also a Crescent Illustration Board. T is some fading on one edge on the back.

4)"crafts-man-ship 1. Performance of skill or dexterity 2. Work of consistently high not a lost art!" Great image of a machinist working on parts. Beautiful green and blue with a black border. Image is in really great clear bright condition. T are some really tiny marks within the definition part of the poster. Almost like really slight scratches. But these are barely visible. Other than that t is no damage at all to the rest of the image. The back has some water damage smudges and fading spots. It is marked HI ART illustration board no. 79 heavy weight cold pressed 30x40 approved for flouragraphic process. T are no rips or tears. Edges are nice all around. Some slight wear to the bottom edge. Corners are slightly bending.

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