Boer War. Scots Guards Photo Album. 1898-99. 44 pics

A photograph album containing a total of forty-four photographs in various sizes, all relating to the British Empire in the late 19th century, but principally to the Boer War, and in particular, the Scots Guards. All of the photographs are captioned in handwriting. The album has come apart. T are a total of Seven heavy cardboard pages on which the photographs were glued. Many of the images are quite sharp. Other are faded, as will be seen in the pictures. The photographs range in size from 6" X 4" down to 3.50" X 3.00." T are two 5" X 4;" three 4.50" X 3.75;" five 6" X 4;" one 3.75" X 3.50;" ten 3.50" X 3.50;" one 3.50" X 3.00;" two 3.25" X 3.50;" and twenty 3.00" X 4.00."

T is at least one photograph showing the fortifications at Ascension island. T is another one which is captioned Malabar, India. One especially interesting photo is of soldiers positioned on the banks of the Modder River. This is probably related to the famous battle of the Modder River w the Boer army defeated the British. This took place in November, 1899; so, we can date many of the photographs to that time period. T is an especially haunting photograph captioned "Boer Prisoners." Most of the photographs of soldiers appear to be the Scots Guards.