Bohemian Amber CHALICE Goblet FREDERICK THE GREAT 1860

Gorgeous. 19th centurymythical and historical charm at its most alluring. Large, heavyBohemian art glass chalice. Or goblet. Amber-flashed, cut and stunningly etched crystal. From mid-1800s. Decorations
Inside oval medallion, an etched portrait of Frederick II, the Great king of Prussia. (Born 1712, reigned 1740 to 1786.) Notice striking contrast, his handsome face in clear glass surrounded by frosted. Extraordinary detail, too. His wig, for example, with hairs finely drawn in, right down to ribbon-tied pony tail trailing down his back. Fabric of his jacket also looks incredibly real. (See 6th photo.)
Medallion framed with clear-glass thumbprints cut into frosted glass. These round "thumbprints" are mirrored in scalloped motif around rim, w frosted portion is finely crosshatched.
On to the fantastically ornate, winged Capricorn (which we took at first to be a unicorn). Gets its name from myth in which the Greek God Pan was transformed into a half-goat, half-fish when he dove into the Nile River to escape the giant Typhon. This glorious creature is featured as a pair, on both sides of portrait. The fabulous tails meet on back, w they morph into exquisitely detailed botanical decorations. (2nd photo.)
C ut into ten clear panels beneath images, mirrored by amber-flashed panels on pedestal and base.
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