Boker Tree Brand 125 Year Anniversary Limited Edition

In 1869 Boker of Solingen Germany began to make very high quality knives. Today they retain that repuation. This unique knife commemerates their 125th year of production. The bolster on this barlow sports an engraving of the famous "Tree" that Boker embosses all of its Tree Brand knives with, as well as the date 1869. The main blade is engraved with a picture of the original factory, with the tree in the front yard, flanked by the dates 1869 and 1994, the year of the 125th anniversary. I keep telling myself that the wooden handles are from the original tree, but I'm pretty sure that the idea came from one of my Boker Dreams!

This is a rare and unique piece. If you love Boker Tree Brand knives as I do, then bid! If not, then I'll just keep it for myself. Whatever, you do, have fun!

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