Boker Tree Brand State Of Texas Trapper Pocket Knife!!

Offered for your consideration is a fine Boker trapper pattern pocketknife. The Boker model number is 2525 HCB and it appears to be some type of special production or commemmorative edition. This is a beautiful knife and offers a full measure of the superb quality and craftsmanship one expects from Solingen, Germany's finer makers. Boker is one of Solingen's oldest and most respected firms and their famous "Tree Brand" logo is one of the most recognizable in the industry. In fact, the tree in the logo is actually a representation of the Chesnut tree that stood outside the original factory from the late 1600's until it was struck by lightning in 1925.

The knife has not been used, carried, or sharpened and remains in perfect condition in its original box. It comes with all paperwork and even the original wax paper wrapper. It has not been cleaned or buffed and remains original.

The knife is of fine quality and has the certain special feel of premium-quality precision. It's also just a great-looking knife all the way around. The blades were crisply ground and have a mirrored finish. Blade travel is silky-smooth travel over the entire arc. Both blades are rock-solid and completely tight in the open position with absolutely no wobble or play. The springs remain strong and the blade close with a crisp,hard snap. The bolsters
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