You are bidding on a large Art Nouveau collector's piece necklace. The ornate central piece is a three layer sandwich of finely detailed repousse metal (stamped over a mold). It is 1 7/8" x 2 3/4" and is flanked by two repousse pieces that are 5/8 x 1 1/4". The book chain these are connected to is 12 1/2" long total, making the entire necklace just over 16 1/4" when closed. T is no maker's mark on this piece, but it is quite good workmanship and has a distinctly European flavor. As to the metal, I have studied it and tested it for magnetism and silver, and have finally come to the conclusion that it is heavy silver plate over copper--which would also tend to support a European origin, as American jewelry makers tended to favor brass as a base metal. The plate is in very good condition, given the age of this piece, and has a nice deep patina. It has some tarnish, but I did not attempt to remove it, only washing this in mild sudsy water to remove some grime. Only on the book chain is t some wear to the silver plate apparent to the naked eye, and it just doesn't detract at all from the impact that this piece has! The photos have quite a few reflections of the yellow shirt I was wearing at the time I took the photos. For additional photos, please email me. For the serious collector of turn of the century jewelry, this is a truly


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I mail worldwide on Monday through Thursday EXCEPT to countries in chaos and to Mexico, Italy, Central and South America, and Africa...all well known black holes for ebay purchases.

Outside the US, most of my customers prefer the lower rates of USPS International First Class. A glitch in ebay's listing software frequently deletes the details and the calculator for international postage rates--and when ebay does manage to include the calculator, the amount is not accurate and does not include any allowance for packaging costs. International bidder, please email me BEFORE BIDDING, to learn the postage and packaging cost for this item to your country. If you are purchasing multiple items within 6 days, I will try to mail them together and thus keep your costs as low as possible.

Mine is a non-smoking household but I routinely recycle clean packaging materials to reduce costs and environmental impact--please consider this if you are super hyper allergic.

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