BOLEX Paillard B8L 8mm Movie Camera D-Mount Kern 13 & 35mm, Elitar Soligor 6.5mm

Vintage 1960 BOLEX Paillard B8L 8mm Movie Camera
Serial #849059 is from 1960
In Excellent Cosmetic Condition, motor runs smoothly and variable speeds, light meter is functioning.
Package contains original Bolex Paillard Leather shoulder bag,
three ND filters (Kodak blue #80, Kodak Daylight Filter, Tiffen orange #85)
Tiffen Series C lens shade, Tiffen GV adapter ring
3 Parallax Field Adaptors #1, #2, #6.5
D Mount lenses:
Kern Paillard YVAR w/case 1:1,9 f=13mm no. 794065
Kern Paillard YVAR 1:2.8mm no. 714225
Elitar Soligor 1:1.9 f=6.5mm zoom No. 19717
from Bolex Collector .com Check out for more info:
B-8L 8mm Camera 1958 OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 5" x 3 1/2" x 2" WEIGHT: Approximately 28 oz. OUTER CASE: Highly polished duraluminium body, covered in genuine Morocco leather. Metal parts are chrome-plated. FILM CAPACITY: 25ft daylight loading spools of double run 8mm film. When a roll runs through the camera, only half the width of film is exposed. The spool is then reversed and run through again, exposing the other half. When processed, film is split and spliced together giving 50' for projection. Projection time at 16 fps for 25' roll is 4 minutes. THREADING: manual, with no loop forming; with the pressure pad opened the film is simply placed over a guide roller, threaded behind
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