Bolt Action Rifle 1 & 2 CD-ROM-Stuart Otteson classics!

THE BOLT ACTION RIFLE VOLUMES 1 AND 2CD-ROM by Stuart Otteson **** Here, Stuart Otteson explores the original records and the bolt-action rifles themselves to reveal the fine nuances of many popular bolt-action mechanisms. The drawings were done by working from the guns---not factory drawings, old blueprints, or catalogs. The design facts collected and interpreted by Otteson are likewise his, taken directly from the guns. You will find such things as lock times, spring rates, cam angles, and considerable historical content. This CD-ROM, a reproduction of both classic books in high-res PDF format, is a MUST for the bolt action rifle enthusiast!


The strength, precision, and efficiency of the bolt action make it a fascinating study in engineering. Design and functioning is basic and simple, far easier to define in precise terms than most other repeating breech mechanisms, even single-shot types, and therein lies its beauty. It will doubtless continue thus for the foreseeable future because of its practical superiority for all shooting that stresses accuracy and certainty. A representative selection is examined, starting with several important military actions and their commercial derivations. The remainder of the text covers post-war designs.


Springfield M1903

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