Bon Ton by Lepape - Tanger ou Les Charmes de L'Exil. 7 - 1920 Fashion Pochoir

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Tanger ou Les Charmes de L'Exil - Robe d'apres-midi et Cape de Paul Poiret. 7

Information: The Gazette du Bon Ton features some of the most desirable pochoir, fashion lithographs. The fashion periodical ran from 1912 to 1925, and greatly influenced the style of the time. This particular plate was published in 1920.

Great artists from the day, such as George Barbier and Andre Marty, contributed beautiful plates to the work. Gazette du Bon Ton was published by Lucien Vogel in Paris. The work was meant to appeal to the upper echelon of Parisian society. The fashion prints beauty and quality of the publication has taken on great appeal through the time.

The prints feature dramatic pochoir coloring, which is created when single layers of color are added by hand to a lithograph using a stencil. Many prominent artists contributed the magazine including Barbier, Marty, Brissaud, Worth, Monvel, Lepape, Pacquin, & Poiret. George Barbier's contributions to this work are particularly desirable. He contributed greatly to design in this era and also had work featured in Vogue.

Lucien Vogel, fashion publisher was the brilliant creator of this famous Art Deco fashion magazine. He was well-known and well-connected paving the way for the Gazette 's success .

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