BONE HUNTER, Diving for Fossils, Cooper River, SC

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Black Water Diving for Fossils and Artifacts in
South Carolina's Cooper River

Richard Jacquot with Jerry Fortenberry

Everything you need to know about Cooper River diving, fossil and artifact hunting!

295 color and black and white photos!
21 color pages to include 54 color photos!
217 fossil and artifact photos!

Chapter 1: Becoming a Black Water Diver
Chapter 2: Dive Gear
Chapter 3: When to Dive, Diving Solo
Chapter 4: The Cooper River
Chapter 5: Rules and Regulations for Fossil and
Artifact Hunting in the Cooper River
Chapter 6: Diving Dangers in the Cooper River
Chapter 7: Hunting Fossils and Artifacts in the
Cooper River
Chapter 8: Identifying your Finds
Chapter 9: Cleaning and Preserving Your Finds
Chapter 10: Labeling and Cataloging Your Finds
Dive Shops and Dive Charter Companies
Reference Books
About the Author

Written by Richard Jacquot with Jerry Fortenberry. This book contains 220 pages of information and photographs to help you learn what it takes to become a black water diver. You will
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