Bonham Tote Gote Minibike

Up for bids is one Bonham Tote Gote mini-bike. Unsure of year but I believe it is mid 60's. This is used with plenty of life for restoration or parts. Bike is in complete running condition. Has the original motor and drive system which seems to work fine. Clutch engages and disengages smoothly when running. T are no brakes but appears to have front brakes on it, just needs a cable and lever. It is missing the original throttle and grip on the right side but I insatlled a thumb style throttle and temporary grip. Original gas tank and shutoff with sediment bowl and has no leaks. Has a good running Briggs and Stratton motor which appears to 4 or 5 horse. The original carburator had leaks so I installed another carb from a briggs. Carb installed is identical but I will include original carb and breather. Pull start seems to stick sometimes but works fine most of the time. Drive system is complete with belt to chain drive torque converter. Tires are weatd, but appear to hold air. I almost think they are original equipment. Frame is complete with suspension but is missing the protective guard that should go over it. Model number is 665 and Serial# 357 Bonham Provo,Utah and has "TOTE GOTE" emblem on the front bars. Rusty all over but is blue in color. This is not a race bike by any means but will climb anything. From what research I have ... read more