Book - Drawing Instruments 1580 - 1980, by Maya Hambly.1988, Sotheby's

This listing is for an out-of-print book titled, "Drawing Instruments 1580 - 1980", by Maya Hambly. Published 1988 for Sotheby's Publications by Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd. London. Distributed in the U.S.A. by Sotheby's Publications, Harper & Row, NY. 206 page hardbound book documents the history of drawing instruments and their makers, drawing from literary evidence in original treatises on mathematical instruments, pattern books, instrument makers publications, etc. Separate chapters follow the history of each type of drawing instrument - Straight Line instruments: ruling pens, technical pencils, etc., Circles and Dividers: compasses, calipers, etc., Curves: ellipses, spiral curves, large radius curves, etc., Squaring and Ruling: squares, protractors, Enlarging and Reducing Devices: pantographs, eidographs, Sectors: proportional rods, Perspective Aids: perspectographs, delineators. Profusely illustrated with black and white and color photographs, plus numerous period illustrations of drawing instruments and their cases. Includes a gazatteer with the location of major museum collections. Dimensions are 10" inches x 7 12" inches. Condition: Book is in excellent condition and shows only light handling wear. Very clean example. Small bump to one corner. Binding is tight. No writing. Has been stored in a dry, non-smoking environment. ... read more