BOOK: ME262 STORMBIRD RISING by Hugh Morgan, 1994, VGC

From Estate in North Texas: Outstanding, black hardback copy of "ME262 Stormbird Rising" by Hugh Morgan. This super quality, Osprey Aerospace edition from 1994 measures approx. 8" by 11" and comes with the original dust jacket. Both book & jacket are in superb condition. A classic on the ME262 fighter jet, arguably the most beautiful fighter aircraft of the Luftwaffe in WWII. (See Photos) The ME262 was, in fact the first operational jet aircraft of the modern age, though it came into play "too little & too late" to affect the outcome of the war. This superb book has a forward written by Generalleutnant Adolf Galland, the JV 44 Commander, among the most decorated & brave airmen on the Axis side. Also contains virtually ALL of the relevant data concerning design, production, testing, & wartime operations of the ME262 with profuse B&W photos & illustrations throughout the book, plus a center section of full color photos. T are a great many wartime photos of ME262s in action on both Eastern & Western fronts, as well as biographies & photos of all Luftwaffe Jet Aces of the WWII era. Final part of this book details Allied capture & expropriation of the many ME262 & other aircraft at wars end, testing and further developments of jets in the NATO & Soviet block, as well as the early story of the ... read more