Book of 12 Original Japanese Sumi-e Paintings & Poetry

This auction is for an incredible antique/vintage Book of Japanese Sumi-e Paintings.
I've never seen anything else like it.
Each orig inal painting covers a two-page spread and measures 12.5" in height x 19" wide.
The paintings are done on double-layered heavy watercolor paper which is folded
accordion style to create the two-page spreads of the collection.
To f urther explain how this book is assembled; if you spread the pages of the book out,
you would have a one-piece mural of all twelve paintings measuring 19 feet in length ,
plus the extra pages of paper framing each end of the mural.
The book covers measure 12.5 in. x 9.5 in. each.
The front and back are hardcover with a silk tapestry fabric.
As with all traditional Sumi-e art, each painting is a Zen-like
portrayal of some element of nature.
All but one of the paintings is shown below.
The twelfth painting is of equal quality and condition - I just ran out of room.
Each painting is accompanied by Japanese writing and a red artist's stamp.
Although I do not read Japanese, it appears that some of the writing is poetry written
to compliment the watercolor images which would be consistent with traditional Sumi-e.
Each red stamp is unique and some paintings are accompanied by more than one
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