Book of Knowledge Bank

You are bidding on an Authentic reproduction Book of Knowledge Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank. Series #231.

I am listing it as New because it has never been opened from the original sealed packaging.

This bank has the original box shipping box from John Wright with the original shipping label. Included is the Certificate of Authenticity. It reads as follows:

This mechanical coin bank is an authentic reproduction of the original antique in the collection of The Book of Knowledge. The very same processes an technique which created the original have been employed in the making of this fine reproduction. Molds were painstakingly made from the original bank, hand-cast in sand, and this reproduction the hand-assembled and hand-decorated.

Tfore, it is much more than merely a coin bank- more than a toy. It is a replica of a product of American ingenuity and craftsmanship. It is, indeed, a collector's item with historical interest and value.

Treasure it!

It also comes with a directions sheet and warranty from John Wright, Inc. Wrightsville, Pa.

You won't find many banks on Ebay sealed in the original package and all the original paperwork.

The bottom of the Bank is stamped Reproduced from original in Collection of The Book of Knowledge. Made in U.S.A.