Book: Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware - 2nd Ed.

Just published, the updated 2nd Edition of "the" book on Nielloware: Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware
(Published April, 2008) Includes 201 (up from 176) big pages, over 405 Siam sterling Nielloware illustrations, full descriptions, and estimated rarity.

Nielloware: those sterling silver Thai jewelry and related items with a charcoal black background, created primarily between 1932 and 1990 by Thai craftsmen, and (usually) illustrating scenes from the Thai classic legend, Ramakien.

201 big 8 1/2 by 11" Pages Over 400 Items Pictured, Identified, Described, and Rarity Noted Thorough History of Nielloware Identification of Thai Niello Manufacturers Identification and Description of Nielloware "Themes", including the legend of Ramakien Updated Pricing Matrix for essentially every type of Nielloware!

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This is the ONLY Siam Sterling Nielloware-related book currently in print.

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