BOOKENDS Spiral Shell Fossil Stone Set of 2 7" Tall

This is a set of 2 FOSSIL Spiral Shell BOOKENDS. Each one is 7 1/8" Tall, and they are heavy - with a combined weight of 10# 7oz. They are a trapezoid at the base; they measure 4 1/2" to 3" Wide and 3 1/4" Thick. They are wedge-shaped and taper to 4 1/2" Wide x 3/4" Thick at the top.

They are beige Limestone with a prolific number of Spiral Shell Gastropods, polished to show off the beauty of the FOSSILS. T are natural streaks of dark and light limestone, orange iron oxide, and crystalline calcite in the shells. Hand-made in Pakistan.


Chemical Composition: 50% minimum Calcite (or aragonite), the remainder is made up of impurities such as dolomite, quartz or silicates, clay, iron oxides, or rock particles of many kinds.

Hardness: 3-4, easily scratched.

Crystal Habit: Dense to even-granular, fine-grained, essentially nonclastic. Usually so dense that it can be studied only under a microscope, though grains of some crystalline limestones are large enough to be seen with the naked eye.

Color: Usually white; light to dark gray to black from organic material; yellow and brown from iron oxides; pink or red are uncommon.

Fracture : Very dense varieties have a Conchoidal fracture/

Misc: Often fossiliferous with lamellibranches, brachiopods, gastropods and/or
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