Booklet-THE IMPENDIN CRISIS UV THE DIMOCRACY-By Petroleum V. Nasby Publish. 1868

"The Impendin Crisis uv the Dimocracy"by Petroleum V. Nasby. Petroleum V. Nasby was the pen name of David Locke, the editor of the Toledo Blade. The Impendin Crisis is a total satire. Locke was a staunch Republican and had no use for the Democratic Party. He uses satire to illuminate what he thought were the grievous faults of the Democratic Party. Quite humorous if you're not a Democrat. Foxed and Fragile but totally readable U.S. Buyers pay $2.00 Media Mail (unless otherwise requested). All others contact me for cost. Paypal preferred. Please email me if other payment options desired. Items will be shipped within 1 business day of payment clearing. !