Boondock Saints Irish Brothers large Cross wooden bead Rosary USA Made

The "Brothers" Rosary.

Please note that the item in the picture may vary slightly from the item that you recieve. These pictures are a fair representation, although each item is made by hand and will have slight differences. The pictures used here do show an example of the quality of the work that you can expect.

This one closely resembles the Cross from the movie. This Croxx is about a 1/2" an inch thick and is about Two and a 1/2 inches wide and three and a half inches tall. This item is hand crafted and of my own design. I do all of the work on them from start to finish. It is made of A solid cut of Hickory and stained with a custom blend to achieve a Rich color and Finish. It has a nice routered edge. The Steel ring is inlaid into the Croxx so it becomes a part of it, Strengthening it as well as adding to its beauty. They are hand sanded and then a lacquer finish is applied for a nice sheen and added durability.

I string the Rosaries by hand as well. The Beads are of several different types. They include, Wood, Metal and Glass beads. It has a Wonderful Rosary bead layout with six Decades. The six decade rosary dates back about a thousand years give or take. The Bridgettine order is well known for their six decade Rosary.
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