Boosey & Hawkes wooden oboe

For sale is my Boosey & Hawkes wooden oboe. I'm not sure of the age of the instrument but it has to be at least 50 years old. It is with deep regret that I am selling this as I wanted to learn it as I think it's a wonderful instrument. Unfortunately my troublesome teeth aren't allowing me to do so and after a number of weeks I'm beginning to realise this! � The oboe plays from top to bottom (I can get notes out, my tone just isn't too marvellous!) It is in a very nice cosmetic condition and playing order and the wood is in good condition with no major splits or cracks present.� I don't know what model B&H this is but it appears that it is an intermediate level instrument and a recommendable one to start an oboe career on. It should suitably take someone through the grades. Due to the fact that I feel I am not going to be� successful� with this I would be much happier knowing that it is going to be somewhere where it will be played and appreciated. If it sits in the case here then the pads and wood will eventually dry and I don't want this to happen as the instrument is too nice for this. After some research I feel that the oboe as with any decent oboe would be around the £400-500 mark but I would like it to sell and have set a keen starting price. 2 soft strength reeds are included.Please ask any questions before auction ... read more