Boost Clone Trooper Ambush at Abregado Star Wars .LOOSE


Boost Clone Trooper Ambush at Abregado Star Wars .LOOSE
I don't charge my buyers extra!

INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS WELCOME! This auction is for the Cartoon Network Animated Boost Clone Trooper figure from the Target Exclusive Ambush on Abregado Battle Pack. I have anyw from 50-400+ loose figures up right now from any to all modern lines ending ton the same night.

Item is in mint condition and is complete with all accessories !! Win multiple auctions and save on shipping!

Item will be packed with great care and plenty of protection ! Due to the quantity of items up for auction t is only 1 MINUTE of time between each item. Get your bids in early to avoid loosing out. Photo Courtesy of


ALL of my items shipped within the U.S. now have FREE DELIVERY CONFIRMATION ! You will also have the added piece of mind that you will receive an email stating when your item is shipped and what the confirmation number is. MY PACKAGING PROMISE TO YOU!

Not only due I sell Star Wars collectibles on ebay, I am an avid collector myself. I have the same worries you do about my winning items getting to me. Though I have now control what happens to a box after it leaves my house, I DO have control over what is inside the box. are the three steps I use in packing an order:

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