5 Booster Packs Pokemon XY Evolutions Trading Card Game TCG Pikachu NEW! Cool

This auction is for 5 New unopened, untampered Booster packs of "Pokémon XY Evolutions Trading Card Game". .5 packs, 10 cards in each pack. 2016 expansion.

Most of my auctions will start at $9.99. The only exceptions are items of exceptional scarcity (which I will be listing here in the next day or two...)

There's Never any Reserve, I Never end auctions early, I don't do Buy it Now, and don't entertain offers unless they will make me a millionaire.

I don't do International shipping. I'm lazy and my Postal desk clerk is even lazier. She gets mad when I bring in International packages because it makes her "carpal tunnel act up from pressing all them letters on the keyboard". So please, for all of our sake, don't bid from other continents.

Winning bidder will get a pat on the back from me (after payment, of course) for winning an awesome auction. Speaking of winning bidders, I GREATLY appreciate all of those that pay within 2 days and don't force me to send a scathingly nice 'reminder' of our deal, which I will send with the utmost politeness after about 3 days of me biting my nails waiting on my bank account to come out of the negative.

If you don't pay me I will probably not report you (because I don't know how to), but still, I'll be upset (which means you get bad Karma/JuJu).

The next day
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