Bootlegger Setup - Pro-Quality Stealth Binaural Mics & 24-bit Digital Recorder

Secretly Record Live Concerts with this Pro-Quality "Bootlegger" Setup
EXCELLENT quality recordings, especially when using the optional battery box.
1 pair of AudioReality stealth binaural concert recording microphones in excellent condition
- Custom hand-crafted and signed (inside battery box) by John Ramsey (March 1, 2007)
- High-quality, stereo, condenser microphones
- Can be plugged directly into any recorder, using 1/8" TRS plug
- Optional 9-volt battery box greatly improves dynamic range (signal to noise ratio) - Battery box also has a filter that gradually rolls-off the "boomy" low frequencies encountered at most live concerts
- 9-volt battery NOT included
- Original retail price was $120 (June 2007)
~~~ AND ~~~
1 Edirol (Roland) R-09 Digital Recorder in excellent condition
- world's first SD high-capacity-compatible stereo field recorder
- records either to uncompressed PCM WAV files, or to compressed-on-the-fly MP3 files
- 24-bit/48kHz (or 44.1kHz) recording
- Up to 320kbps MP3 playback and recording
- Records to SD or SDHC memory card (Up to 16 GB)
- USB 2.0 I/O
- Built-in high-grade stereo condenser microphones (these are active when no external mics are plugged in)
- Mic and Line audio inputs
- Easy operation; very informative and user-friendly
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