Boots and Coots Gray Cap Hat Red Adair Cudd Joe Bowden

Super Sharp Gray Boots and Coots Cap

As new, no tears or stains. Gray cap has black bill and color Boots and Coots logo. Adjustable back strap.

If you collect Red Adair merchandise, âe(tm)s something to add to it. Boots and Coots were Redâe(tm)s right hand men for a number of years and are very well respected in the oil field. In fact, the last guys to work with Red are now at Boots and Coots.

Thanks for looking.

Note: This Boots and Coots logo has been discontinued! T will be no more like this! The new logo only has their name and in the middle the word "and" is made to look like a "&" in the shape of a tiny derreck with a flare coming out. The last bit of what was once cool is gone . . .