Bopla! SET of SEVEN Dishes & bowls!

BOPLA! ,a unique concept in dinnerware from Switzerland is designed as a series, rather than as patterns.
BOPLA! periodically retires a series and releases a new one. The retired series then becomes collectible and may increase in value.
BOPLA! is as FUNctional as it is decorative and can be used safely in your microwave, oven and dishwasher. BOPLA! is triple fired porcelain, with the longest and highest firing temperature in the world. It is incredibly strong and durable, difficult to chip or break and will provide you with many years of use and pleasure.

They Way BOPLA works.... Each series contains approximately twelve designs. Each design is unique to the item it is featured on. For example, Calendrella is a mini plate (saucer) from the Wild life series. It was always and only produced as a mini plate. It was not produced as any other piece and will not be found as a plate, or as a cup.

I don't know the actual names of each of these designs - they are all in perfect condition. I hate to part with them, because i LOVE THEM!! But I need to.
T are 2 Large Dinner plates (10 3/4" - Ship and lobster photos)
2 - 8 1/4" Smaller Plates ( Fish and unicorn photos)
3 - 8 3/4" Salad or Soup Bowls ( Blue Unicorn, Yellow Unicorn and Funky Sunglass Parrot Photos)