Bordini Ornate Brass Italian Serving Pieces, Spoon/Fork

The two large serving pieces are about 10" in length each. The spoon has an oddly shaped bowl showing St. George slaying the dragon. T is a papal miter at the top, over the crossed keys of the kingdom. The handle of the spoon has a mermaid with a very long tail. The fork features a profile, and floral material. The top of the handle has the she-wolf and Romulus and Remus. T is a small hatchet over a matching mermaid. The smaller spoon is about 7.5" in length. It has an unusal coat of arms and a shield with 6 balls, and a crown. All three pieces are marked "Italy" and the fork is marked Bordini. All three pieces show normal wear and remnants of polish. These are fun pieces that would be interesting serving pieces for an Italian meal. Please check out our other auctions going on now!