Boris Karloff Frankenstein Wolfman Mummy Original Comic Art Chris Conidis

100% NEW & LIMITED Edition Original Acrylic/Ink/Pencil Art

This 5 Day Auction Ends on a Tuesday Night

Detailed Mummy

I must be nuts letting the chips fall where they may on this piece….

If the bids on this suck ….. I may have to eventually take up a steady but unfulfilling job with a boring, bourgeois lifestyle and die tragically.

" Scroll of Thoth "

Large 11x14 Acrylic

You are bidding on the Original hand drawn Artwork.

When you purchase a piece of original artwork you are uniquely present in time and space with no other like it.

If there is no original, it is never fully present anywhere…..

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(Some pieces may contain ink, pencil, colored pencil, watercolor)